NDK 2013 Guest Announcement: Tyson Rinehart

Tyson Rinehart: Voice Actor. Musician. Comedian. Amateur Historian. Superhero.

Tyson may be best known for his role as hacker extraordinaire “Itaru ‘Daru’ Hashida” in Steins;Gate. Other notable roles Tyson has played include “Georg” in Eureka Seven: AO, “Oimo” in One Piece, “Matsuda” in High School DxD, “Byard” from Fairy Tail, “Nozomu Tamaki” in Dance in the Vampire Bund, “Bobby” in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and the Head-Irish-Thief-That-Throws-Dynamite in episode 10 of Black Butler. Tyson has played additional roles in such shows as: Baka and Test, Black Butler (I & II), Darker than Black, Deadman Wonderland, Hetalia, a guy getting his face stepped on in Sengoku Basara, and in Rosario + Vampire Tyson voiced a guy looking up the skirt of an anime resin statue. Tyson is also now adapting and writing scripts for Funimation.

As a Musician, Tyson provides rhythm guitar and vocals in the punk bands The Tommyguns, and Bullet Machine. He is also a vocalist and harmonica player in Blues/Rock-influenced Smokestack Lightning.

As a Comedian, Tyson can be seen performing with the veteran improvisational troupe Ad-Libs, as well as writing, performing, and storyboarding various projects with PostHollywood.com.

As an Amateur Historian, Tyson looks to the past for lessons, such as: Having listed Superhero along with his other credits, Tyson’s secret identity may be compromised.

BONUS Guest Announcement for NDK 2013: Voice Actress Cherami Leigh

Cherami Leigh is an on camera and voice actor from Dallas. She has been in over 75 commercials, and was a live national on air DJ for Radio Disney. She has appeared in many films and television shows, including the soon to be released “Beyond the Farthest Star” and in the hit webseries “Throwing Stones.” She was also in the Emmy award winning “Temple Grandin,” and has appeared on various network television shows. She stars opposite Sean Astin and Tim Curry in the animated film “Ribbit.”

In the Anime World, she has appeared as Road in “D. Grayman, ” Sae in “Peach Girl,” Yuti La in “Heroic Age,” Elizabeth in “Black Butler,” Patty in “Soul Eater,” Ayano in “Kaze no Stigma,” Natsumi in “Sgt. Frog,” Naomi in “Witchblade,” Yoshika in “Strike Witches,” Elicia Hughes in “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, Setsuna and Akira in “Negima,” Mai in “Ghost Hunt,” Tamaki in “Bamboo Blade,” Himawari in “XXXholic,” Cecily in “Sacred Blacksmith,” Liechtenstein in “Hetalia,” Lucy in “Fairy Tail,” Takeshita in “B Gata H Kei,” Kneesocks in “Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt “, Sunako in “Shiki,” Suzuha in “Steins;Gate,” Shana in “Shakugan no Shana,” Gaige in “Borderlands 2” and most recently, Asuna in “Sword Art Online”!

She has other projects both animated and on camera that are in various stages of development that she will share soon. She loves screenwriting, painting, making jewelry and positive quotations, reading and stars!


Hey again!
It’s been almost two weeks, so it must be time to hit the road again for another weekend of anime convention fun times! This weekend, we bring the party to Nan Desu Kan in Denver Colorado, for a super-special weekend of events and premieres.

I will be in attendance,…

Random shots from Otakon 2012, including the Dealers Hall and Artist Alley, plus VIXX and other favorites.

More cosplayers coming soon!

Hello from Baltimore! Here’s the first series of photos: Otakon 2012 cosplayers, part 1.

Thanks to Jen, Dar, Vic, Alex, Steve and all our dear friends at the east coast’s largest anime con.

More pics to come!

Steins;Gate fan?

We’ll have 3 cast members from the just-announced English dub at NDK this year: J. Michael Tatum, Patrick Seitz and Brina Palencia!

More guest announcements coming shortly! We’re not done yet!