Here are more picture previews of silent auction offerings for NDK NYE. Our Facebook Page has more detailed info on who signed what. Go here for the other Tumblr preview post.

Final batch of photos from Anime Expo 2012, by Jinnie and Kris Perotti.

Thanks again to AX’s Press Department for being so welcoming!

Anime Expo 2012 “21 Voice Actors” panel. It was their 21st anniversary, so this was a themed event. It was hard for the actors to each get time to talk, but the fans seemed to enjoy it.

On the panel (L-R):

Carrie Keranen
Cristina Vee*
Richard Epcar*
Ezra Weisz
Wendee Lee
Dorothy Fahn
Bridget Hoffman
Keith Silverstein
Karen Strassman
Tony Oliver*
Steve Blum
Mela Lee
Michelle Ruff
Carrie Savage*
Doug Erholtz
Patrick Seitz*
Liam O’Brien
Steve Staley
Spike Spencer*
Kyle Hebert*
Bryce Pappenbrook

* Former NDK Guests

Photos by Kris Perotti and A. Jinnie McManus for NDK.

Also pictured: AX souvenir swag we’ll be holding contests to win later (some may end up at the NDK NYE Silent Auction). Included are the autographs from this panel in an official AX 2012 Program. 

Anime Expo 2012 cosplays, Part 2.

Photos by Kris Perotti for NDK.

BTW: AX has a different weapons policy than NDK. Keep that in mind for some of the photos.

My cosplay as Blitzcrank from League of Legends at Anime Expo 2012!
(submitted post)

My cosplay as Blitzcrank from League of Legends at Anime Expo 2012!

(submitted post)

Take a peek at Anime Expo's Exhibit Hall (Dealers Room and Artists Alley).

Most of these were taken before it opened to general attendees, which is why it looks so open and spacious. We’d like to thank our friends at Anime Expo for letting us roam around with a camera (and a press pass).

More to come. :)

Pics by A. Jinnie McManus for NDK.

The Tiger & Bunny panel at AX 2012. Some pics taken from the stage by voice actor (and #NDKSweet16 guest) Patrick Seitz (Sky High), the rest are by A. Jinnie McManus or Kris Perotti for NDK.

Read ANN’s transcript here!

And now back to more fun things…

More pics coming soon!

Anime Expo 2012 cosplays, Part 1

Photos by Kris Perotti for NDK.

What are you most interested in from AX?

What would you like to see first from America’s biggest anime con, Tumblr-ers? Cosplayers? Panels? Behind the scenes? Winnable swag? (We haven’t thought up a way to win that swag yet, but we’ll take suggestions!) 

Let us know, and we’ll post coverage from AX starting with what you pick right here on Tumblr.