Guest Announcement: Masao Maruyama

Mr. Maruyama was born in 1941 at Miyagi Prefecture in Japan. He is a co-founder of Studio MADHOUSE, and has been in the anime industry as a animation/film producer for nearly 50 years. In June 2011, he left MADHOUSE and founded the animation production, MAPPA, where he  produced “Sakamichi no Apolon (Kids on the Slope)”.

His numerous works include: Yawara!, Trigun, Sakura Wars, Chobits, Gunslinger Girl, Gun Grave, Tenjo Tenge, Gokusen, BECK, Paradise Kiss, NANA, Black Lagoon, Paprika, Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Death Note, Devil May Cry, Claymore, Alison and Lilia, Stitch, Hajime no Ippo (The First Step), Summer Wars, Iron Man, Redline, X-Men, Hunter x Hunter, Supernatural: The Animation, and more!

He visited Denver in 2008 with Mr. Yuji Mitsuya and Ms. Noriko Hidaka (They were our honorable guests that year), however due to his work schedule, he had to leave on the opening day. This year, we are lucky to have him again, (He will be here all 3 days!!) and we’ll be able to hear his tremendous work leading the Japanese anime industry. Don’t miss his panel!