I don't have a paypal account and when I went to pay as a guest to pre-reg for next year I received an error. Do I have to make a paypal account to register this year, or was the error unrelated?

You don’t have to have a PayPal account to pay with PayPal. Check your email for a confirmation. If you don’t have it, your payment didn’t go through.


Thanks for another wonderful year! I love spinning every year and am always excited for new cool things to do at each show! If you loved my music and want to catch a free download go here : https://soundcloud.com/djh-3rt

o find Events and keep posted on my music, like here:

<3 YOU ALL!!! Will see you next year! :D 

My coverage of NDK16

Thought everyone might be interested in seeing everything from NDK 16 that I have up now.

Let’s start with the picture galleries, the “regular” gallery (that is, for any device running flash) is at http://ditto3d.com/gallery.php?id=7

The 3DS gallery (optimized for 3DS but also works on 3D phones) is http://ditto3d.com/3ds/gallery.php?id=7

And, of course, the one I’m sure everyone is waiting for is the 3D time lapse of the atrium. That is up on YouTube: http://youtu.be/OByGYXdtXjo


the-hairy-sascrotch replied to your link: Guarantee your badge for NDK 2013 and register for the sale price of $30 thru 9/22!

Why is the 5$ raise there? I looked for the explanation in your link but there was nothing pertaining to it

That’s what I get for posting a link on 2 hours sleep. Thanks for catching that!!! I fixed the post. You’ll also find the explanation here.

NDK has yet again restored my faith in humanity. I lost my wallet saturday with over 100+ dollars in it, sunday morning after realizing it wasnt in my room I was sure it was gone for good, Ive had money stolen at concerts so I didn't have much hope but just in case I went to the staff room and asked about it and it turns out somebody turned it in for me. Whomever that may have been has only further proven my point con goes are better than normal people.

We truly have the best attendees in the world.

Had a blast at the con :D Can't wait until next year! What are the plans for the con over the next few years with the growing number of attendees?

That’s why we capped, and are experimenting with various line techniques. We already have ideas for next year that we think will make a huge difference for pre-reg. There really isn’t a perfect solution, but we’ll never stop trying!

Hello~ My friends and I had a wonderful time at NDK this year~ And we were wondering if you had any official links to DJ Heart's (We believe that was his name, or just the second DJ with the My Little Pony intro at the rave) websites or Itunes so that we can get some of his music ^^ and maybe catch another gig of his X) thanks!
Does the Marriott offer the channel BBC America? As an avid doctor who fan I am concerned with the new episode that will be coming out Saturday.

Doesn’t look like it.

Is it alright to bring a wall scroll to be signed at guest autographs?

Of course! Just make sure it has a copyright on the bottom.

What time is the convention starting on Friday?

Pre-Reg: 11am

Artists Alley: 12pm

Reg: 2pm

Video/VGR/Live Gaming: 2pm

Dealers/Lolita Boutique: 3pm

Opening Ceremonies: 5pm